Truth behind the “free” web services

world websites 300x300 Truth behind the free web services

The World Wide Web, better known as WWW is a wondrous place with a lot of free services gagging to be used. The most popular being the social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter as well as Google, Youtube, Flickr and E-mail services.
Have you ever wondered where these web giants profit from when they are available for free use.

Are they completely free? Of course, they’re not. Actually when you use any of these service, these services are using you.
As we know, almost every free website makes money through advertising. Youtube plays ads before videos, Google has paid results on the top of the search results page, Facebook has ads on the right corner of the page. These ads are not just randomly displayed, rather they are targeted for their audiences, ex. – if Facebook knows you are single, you get dating ads. If you like Cricket you get
Cricket related ads. So how does these sites knows about you, you yourself tell them about yourself.
Google mainly tracks you through cookies,your browsing data and whenever you see a Ads by google on a website, Google is tracking you. Facebook tracks through likes, wall posts and locations. Do you know that Facebook mobile apps constantly record your location & append it to every status update.

Each website has its own methods and algorithms for tracking you.Each time these sites harvest more data, the targeting gets more accurate. Every information about you is being sold.
A simple theory is that the more these sites know about you, the more money they make.

So can you blame these sites for their working methods and using you as a product for sale, well after getting such good services you surely cannot.

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