Top 10 Software Companies in World


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9 Responses

  1. policeX says:

    if microsoft is 72BIL and IBM is 102bil so how come IBM is second?

  2. rajbeer says:

    which is best according to revenue and best company of year?

  3. jaydeep says:

    company of the year must be Google ;-) but Microsoft has double Employee in number game :-)

  4. sachith says:

    IBM is the number one company in source of incoming but in this they have number of employees.. that’s y it considered as 2nd in the world..

  5. I thought Google would top the chart. I have seen lots of chart where Google has topped the chart in top 10 software companies of the world. Anyways, nice piece of information.

    Would love to see India software companies in the list too someday.

  6. we have already written post on a top 10 software companies in india….check it

  7. Everything is very open and represents very clear explanation of issues. Thanks for sharing……..

  8. Nilesh Parakh says:

    Please write article on Email IDs of CEOs to top software development companies of the world. I am in great need of such. At the same time please tell the names of database (if any) which might give me such information.



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