Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

Recently we saw the release of ‘touchy’ Steam Controller and even more recently the next gen consoles and their gamepads/controllers like Xbox One controller, PS4 Dualshock 4 controller & WiiU one ps4 wiiU controllers Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

So we worked on a list of the best gamepads/controllers which you can take into account while choosing the one which best fits you.

gc Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014:

10. Wii U Pro Controller

wiiU pro controller Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

It may look like a ripoff of the Xbox 360 controller, but really Do you Care as long as it offers great gaming experience.





9. Thrustmaster GPX Gamepad

thundermaster gpx gamepad Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

The glossy Thrustmaster GPX is one of the few gamepads you can really compare to our number one of the list. Moreover the flashing LEDs maximises the imtensity and immersiveness in gaming.







8. Logitech F310

Its a great buy for the budget onlookers. With good handling and response at an affordable price, is may not disappoint you.

7. Wii U GamePad

Maybe the future of gaming or maybe not, the gamepad cum gamescreen is surely a thing to try.

6. Playstation DualShock 3 Controller

Well well, PS3 Dualshock controller surely is a thing of talk among PlayStation gamers and that fighting feel of the Dualshock 3 on PS3 is just as incredible as it can get.

5. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

With triggers that are incredibly responsive, the Xbox 360 Controller solified the consoles place as a shooters darling. And with Windows PC compatibility, it surely was and still is the choice you cannot neglect.

4. Razer Sabertooth Gamepad

Razer Sabertooth is one typical gamepad which if you are willing to spend can guarantee the ultimate gameplay feel.  Pay and Play is what I feel of it.

3. The Keyboard and Mouseboard

gaming keyboard mouse Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

This one may be off topic but the classic pair of Keyboard and mouse never disappoints the PC gamers. Enough said some games played using any controller doesn’t even comes close to the experience of them played with the KeyBoard-Mouse combo.





2. PS4 Controller

PS4 Controller 4 dualshock Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

Newly launched PS4 Dualshock Controller is a major upgrade over Dualshock 3, and the new features like Share button, sensing capabilities and touchpad surely makes it is a next gen game controller to reckon with. It may deserve top spot but coming to reality the controller may take some more time to perfectly execute itself.


1. Microsoft Xbox One Controller

xbox one controller Top 10 GamePads/Controllers in 2014

Undoubtedly the best controller for the year 2014. With superb handling and almost perfect design and button placement, the newly launched Xbox One Controller offers ultimate gaming experience and is as cool as it looks.




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