Microsoft announces four editions of windows 8

Windows 8 logo 300x200 Microsoft announces four editions of windows 8

There has been a tremendous amount of chaos and confusion lately which Microsoft has cleared, finally keeping the things simple and revealing the four different editions that Windows 8 will be available in.
After the criticism that Windows came in too many editions, its not surprising that Microsoft decreased the number of editions, its latest Operation System will be available in.


The four editions are divided as :

  • One for home
  • One for business
  • One for devices running ARM chips
  • One for large enterprises

The version Windows 8 is designed for home users, Windows 8 pro for business class users. Only Windows 8 and Windows 8 pro will be availabe for x86-based systems. Windows RT (Windows on ARM) will come preinstalled on PCs and tablets & it won’t be available for purchase and will not run on x86/64 systems.Windows 8 Enterprise provides the additional features to assist with IT organization with all the features in Windows 8 Pro included.

Details of Microsoft Windows 8: Key Features by editions

windows 8 table Microsoft announces four editions of windows 8

This announcement has left the users with only two retail editions of Windows 8 to choose from.

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